How to Raise Money for Your Child’s School by Selling Custom Teddy Bears

Looking for a creative way to raise money for your child's school? Kids love teddy bears, and there's nothing cooler than your very own custom teddy. Put your crafting skills to good use by creating a range of custom cuddly toys to sell at the next school fair. Your bears could easily become an overnight sensation, and you might even start getting requests outside of school events. Use the tips below to keep the project simple and affordable.

Purchase wholesale plain teddy bears

Teddy bears can be expensive when purchased individually, so it's worth checking out plush toys wholesalers. Most wholesalers will offer you a sample product before you commit to buying in bulk, so you can check the size, quality, and safety of the bears before committing. You might also have the option of purchasing mixed bundles, with bears in different colours and designs. This is ideal if you want to offer something for everyone.

Decorate with dyes and fabric pens

If you've chosen plain bears, use dyes and fabric paints to decorate them. You could create themed bears by adding details like moustaches, eyelashes and more. Dyeing bears different colours creates some cool effects. Use tie dye techniques to create an extra colourful bear or choose brown and green dyes to create a camouflage bear. Ask kids for suggestions, or let them join in and help decorate the bears themselves.

Create custom teddy bear outfits

You don't have to be amazing at sewing to put together some cute outfits for your bears. You could create warm, woolly jumpers to keep bears cosy in winter, mini swimming trunks for a beach bear, or a sparkly princess outfit for a royal bear. Check out official teddy bear clothing to get ideas. You could even use old baby clothes — ask other parents at the school to make donations to the project.

Offer accessories and extras

A few fun accessories can easily make a boring bear exciting. Add a simple eye patch and plastic parrot toy to create a fearsome pirate bear, or fashion wands and pointy hats for magical wizard bears. Old toys can often be re-purposed into fun teddy bear accessories. For example, an unwanted pram and doll's outfit could be used to create a baby bear.

Forget holding a bake sale or sponsored run and support your child's school by selling custom teddy bears. This unique idea will capture the imagination of children and parents alike.