Creating Scented Candles with Household Ingredients

Scented candles seem more popular now than ever before, with high-end, luxury versions enticing buyers with their huge colourful jars and an array of interesting aromas. The unfortunate part of many of these ready-made scented candles, despite their appeal, is that they can get very expensive to buy. A solution that people are increasingly catching onto is that you can make your own at home for a fraction of the price. Read More 

How to Raise Money for Your Child’s School by Selling Custom Teddy Bears

Looking for a creative way to raise money for your child's school? Kids love teddy bears, and there's nothing cooler than your very own custom teddy. Put your crafting skills to good use by creating a range of custom cuddly toys to sell at the next school fair. Your bears could easily become an overnight sensation, and you might even start getting requests outside of school events. Use the tips below to keep the project simple and affordable. Read More